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Publishing houses do all the mundane work, allowing authors to focus on writing. They employ proofreaders, paying them pennies, to spot errors writers have missed. Pickett Pocket Press exists to offer the same service to self-publishing authors.

For a penny per word Pickett Pocket Press will sift through your manuscript, identifying spelling, grammatical, and style errors. Service also includes hunting for continuity issues and other inaccuracies. All jobs accepted are guaranteed to be completed within a mutually agreed period.

Pickett Pocket Press is Martin Palazzotto, a self-published author and professional sports journalist/editor specializing in European football. His fictional work crosses into crime, urban and medieval fantasy, science fiction, and political satire. He is comfortable working with British or American English, with or without the Oxford comma, and with a firm deadline.

Martin’s recently published short fiction anthology, strange bOUnce, can be found on Amazon and Kindle.

His latest commentary on the beautiful game can be found on It’s Round and It’s White and Stretty News.

Large jobs can be accepted incrementally or in full, at your discretion. Small jobs, including children’s books, are welcome. First drafts are not. It is expected the author is looking to polish the edges on a near-complete work. All payments must be made through PayPal to

Unless the customer prefers another method all work is to be done through Google Drive to provide optimal interaction during the process. Confidentiality and intellectual property will be respected at all times.

Please use the following form to confirm availability or obtain further information.

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